Diadem – Studio for Visual Communication


Alia Farid, In Lieu of What Is
Kunsthalle Basel
Conference Branding “Expanding the Arts”
Elia Artschools, Amsterdam
Diploma publication
ZHdK, Trends & Identity
Céline Sciamma
Kino Xenix, Zürich
AZEIGER Cultural Awards
Azeiger Kulturnacht, Solothurn
Corporate Identity Al Piattino
Al Piattino
Setaprint, APG, ZHdK
Claudia Cardinale
Proposal for the Filmpodium


Diadem is a studio for visual communication focused on holistic concepts and dedicated to highest quality in elaboration and realization. Our design is based on systems expressed through typography and an inclusive approach to the image. We are always seeking for a client oriented solution with a high comprehension of the topic.

Dagna is a graphic designer and a teaching assistant at the Zurich University of the Arts. She is very passionate about contextualizing the design subject in its environment as well as visualizing its results with different media. Research and a wide range of interests is forming the base of this approach. 

→ dagna@diadem.studio

Samira is a graphic designer, type designer and polygrapher. Her aim is to link conceptual and experimental approaches to every individual character of each project.

→ samira@diadem.studio


  • Printed Matters

    Through our experience in the field of print, we have an extensive knowledge of possibilities, requirements and specifications of the various printing processes such as offset printing, silkscreen through many others to digital printing. All those technical aspects are important for our design decisions. Our concern is always to create print products with the highest demand on perfection and quality, thought through to the last detail.

    • Books and Publications
    • Magazines
    • Posters
    • Information Brochures
    • Business Equipments
    • Merchandise
  • Digital Applications

    We develop screen oriented applications with a high claim on story telling and precise communication. Functionality in this field is same important as design, which is why we value the close work with our collaborators, to achieve the best possible realizations and operations. We accompany the whole process, from the first design drafts through the final result.

    • Animations 
    • Responsive Webdesign
    • Communication Materials
  • Branding

    For companies of all kinds we create holistic and distinctive corporate identities and customized letterings. Those are based on the analysis of the according competitive environments, focusing on the visual communication of the corresponding core values, as well as the appropriate audience. We take care about the whole process, from the first sketch, to the corporate identity through to the final implementation.

    • Cultural Institutions
    • Social Organizations
    • Gastronomy 
    • Companies 
    • Events


Beijing JV, Peking
Chor Les Marmottes, Solothurn
Femaleshift, Zürich
Kulturnacht, Anzeigerverband Bucheggberg-Wasseramt
Up Event AG, Attisholz
LCL Lyss Management
Nearsoft, Zürich
Schweizerischer Firmen- und Freizeitsport