Diadem Studio for Visual Communication

Diadem is a studio for visual communication based in Zurich. We work and create in the fields of culture, science and contemporary art. Our design is based on holistic concepts with a focus on systems, typography and imaginary visualizations. Our work covers a wide range including printed matters, corporate identities, publications, video and websites. We’d love to hear from you for suggestions, collaborations or requests via mail, instagram or personally.

Artwork for the programme of january with the french screenwriter and film director Céline Sciamma. Adèle Haenel and her strong look being catched and disordered by blurrying it out. Offset printed.

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Celebrating and awarding young, inspiring artists. Invitation for the exhibition and ceremony of the Azeiger Kulturnacht in Biberist, Solothurn. Works with transparency, haptics and structured text and images. Offset printed.

Visual exploration of the needs for security of the Swiss Population. The contents showing the range from the protection of human life to the current protection of data. This project is presented in text, photography, renderings and informational graphics. The design of the compendium makes use of contemporary technologies and brings them together with classic graphical elements. 320 pages; Indigo; blind embossed; thread-stitched; laminated

Over the years, with the digital age, the comprehension of privat space has shifted significantly. The poster series 46—28—26/100 is an examination of privat space nowadays, focused on social media. It shows the percentage of how many people in our social media society are mindless, neutral or conscious of the privacy settings. The poster series shows with its shapes and colors, how invisible, obscure and controversial this topic is. The modular concept allows all the different sizes, from F4, F12 to F200 and F24. All of them are offset printed in silver 877 and red 032, which gives its scintillation and also attention in the streets.

The Al Piattino in Zurich is dedicated to the Italian flair, inviting a musical atmosphere through vinyl records. The logo is based on the sheet of notes and creates the impression of individual notes through the contrast of the lines and their curves. The proportions of descender, ascender and x-height are similar to the subdivision of the five staves. In addition, the strong contrasts and the colors support the Italian concept. The letters are the core identifying elements, which is why we have developed to a full customized typeface as a characteristic feature. Printed matters, website, social media concept, lettering, photography; offset printed, foiled, embossed

Poster proposal for the 4th Arab Film Festival. The color concept is derived from the participating nations. Through intensifying them they get detached and the effect gets increased. The format is divided forming a graphical game with the number 4 and the letter A. By maximizing the abstraction, a strong recognition and visibility is being achieved.

Proposal for the film series Claudia Cardinale at Filmpodium Zurich. Therefore we focused on her persona as the glamorous fashion icon. In this characteristic and strong image, and with her trademark eyes, we have found an abstraction in using her initials as a graphic element. Thus, the actress is placed with her gaze in the center whilst creating a formal aesthetic access.

Diadem – Studio for Visual Communication
Diadem – Studio for Visual Communication